Church Centre Bookings Guide &
Conditions of Hire

Due to the fast-changing nature of COVID restrictions at the moment, and our desire to keep everyone safe, we regretfully announce that we are unable to accept any requests for the hiring of our premises until at least the New Year. We look forward to hosting you in our building again as soon as we can do so safely.

The Church Centre can be booked through our Bookings Administrator:

Our Church Centre Bookings Administrator is available on a Wednesday and Friday. 

Download a booking enquiry form here

Car Parking:

There is a car park surrounding the building that allows space for 25 cars and has a gateway from the road that is 10' 5" wide.



Worship Space - Main Hall (MH)

Measuring approximately 50' × 29', the main hall has a wooden floor. It can seat up to 180 people and can accommodate around 220 standing. Fluorescent lighting is available for sporting activities and softer lighting for social/church gatherings. There is an adjacent kitchen (MK) with a hatch opening to the hall and toilets situated in the front entrance lobby.


Small Hall (SH)

Measuring approximately 37' × 22', the small hall has a carpeted floor. It can seat up to 100 people and can accommodate around 130 people standing. There is an adjacent kitchen (SK) with a hatch opening to the hall and toilets are situated in the corridor alongside. The small hall may be divided using a wooden screen wall to provide 2 rooms measuring approximately 22' × 19' each. The screens may only be moved by the caretaker, by prior arrangement.



Chapel (CH)

A small chapel, which seats approximately 20, is available for contemplation, prayer and small worship groups. This room is not normally available to hire.

Combined Halls

The main and small halls are separated by a wooden screen wall and curtains, which can be folded back to allow the two halls to be used as a single large room. The screens may only be moved by the caretaker, by prior arrangement.

Upstairs Lounge (UL)

Measuring approximately 19' × 14', the lounge is carpeted and furnished with soft chairs and low tables. The room can accommodate up to 20 people. A kettle and mugs can be provided if requested in advance.


Upstairs Meeting Room (UM)

Measuring approximately 20' × 14', the meeting room is carpeted and can be furnished with tables and chairs as required. The room can accommodate up to 25 people seated in rows and approximately 16 to 20 if seated around a central block of tables. A kettle and mugs can be provided if requested in advance.

Charges (from 1st January 2019):

Charged by the hour

 Main Hall (Minimum 2 hours)
 SH Small Hall (Minimum 2 hours)
 UL Upstairs Lounge (Minimum 2 hours)
 UM Upstairs Meeting Room (Minimum 2 hours)

Regular Hirers – For bookings of 6 or more continuous sessions, at least monthly, a 10% discount is available. The first month charges will be payable in advance.

Please note that there is no charge for the use of cups, saucers, mugs, kettle etc.  The charge for crockery is for full dinner settings.

Room Layouts:

Here are some layouts that are worth considering:

Cinema - chairs in rows facing long side of room with table etc for presenters (MH, SH & UM).

Meeting - as for 'cinema' except that the chairs face the short side of room (MH, SH & UM).

Board - a block of tables is placed in the centre of the room with chairs around the outside (MH, SH & UM).

Workshop - one end of the room is set up as for 'cinema' whilst the other has tables and chairs for activities following a presentation (MH & SH).

Seminar - one end of the room is set up as for 'cinema' whilst the other has small groups of chairs for discussion following a presentation (MH & SH).

Alternatively, include a plan when you return the booking letter.

Main Kitchen (MK)

The main kitchen (adjacent to the main hall) has two gas cookers and a fridge that may be used for short-term storage. There are approximately 90 cups and saucers and a small number of plastic beakers.

Small Kitchen (SK)

The small kitchen (adjacent to the small hall) has an electric cooker. There are approximately 50 mugs, several glasses and large plates.

Urn & Teapots

There is a wall mounted hot water boiler for drinks in the main kitchen. Also there is an urn and teapots available. Please request use of urn which can be set up for larger groups.

Other facilities:

Wi-Fi available

Disabled Toilet and Baby Changing Area

A disabled toilet and baby changing area is located next to the small kitchen, but hirers of any part of the building would usually have access to it, should it be required. Nappies should be disposed of in the bin provided.


The main moveable furniture of the church comprises 150 upright chairs, 13 six-foot tables and 9 three-foot tables.

Notice Board

Poster may be displayed by users of the centre, on the notice board outside the small hall. However the Church management reserve the right to remove posters if it is deemed necessary.

Additional charges are made for the following equipment, which should be booked in advance.


Sound System

There is a sound system that allows for the use of microphones in the main and small halls. The system also incorporates a 'T loop' for the hard of hearing. The sound can also be piped through to the speakers in the small kitchen (the T loop only operates in the halls).

Overhead Projector & Flipcharts

An overhead projector and screen is available, as is a flip chart when requested.

Special arrangements may be made to use up to 50 dinner place settings comprising dinner plate, side plate, soup/desert bowl, knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons and glasses. Salt and pepper pots, table cloths and water jugs are also available.

Download a booking enquiry form here

Condition of Hire