Home Group

Home Groups are an essential part of St Mark’s Church Family. The Groups meet during the week in homes in the area. People meet together to provide support for each other through life and to provide a safe place to develop our faith in Jesus.

In sharing our lives we deepen relationship with each other and with God. By meeting together regularly we share in each other's lives – spending time socially as well as in Worship and reading the Bible together. Supporting each other through struggles, encouraging each other to live fulfilled lives and discovering together how Jesus is central to a Spirit-filled life is a vital part of experiencing God’s plan for transformation – of lives and all creation.

Home Groups are key to working towards sharing our faith with others, so they can experience new and Spirit-filled life.

People who are part of a Home Group have said that it has been one of the best things they have ever done and has really helped them develop as a Christian.

  Tuesday  8.00pm  Leader: Derek & Helen Willis
  Location: Silverdale Road
  Contact: 07712 864795
 Wednesday  7.30pm  Leaders: Kelvin & Jane Taylor
  Hosts: Andrew & Jenny Coombs
  Location: Vermont Close
 Wednesday  7.30pm  Leaders: Liz & Paul O'Neil
  Location: Portswood Park
  Contact: 023 8055 7393

If you would like to join a Group or talk about Home Groups at St Mark’s, contact Kathy or one of the Home Group leaders via the Church Office email: admin@stmarkssoton.co.uk.