Ministry to Residential Homes

At St. Mark's, we have a ministry to residents and staff of local Residential and Nursing Homes. 

We have been delighted in having the opportunity to lead a Holy Communion Service each month at Hampton Lodge (MHA), Northlands House (BUPA) and Wilton Manor (BUPA). The Service is a traditional Church of England Holy Communion Service and we include the singing of two traditional hymns. After the Service we stay for a coffee and chat with those who attend the Service and then visit residents in their rooms if they've not been able to attend the Service - taking them Holy Communion and offering Prayer.

It is also our practice to offer Holy Communion to any Staff Members who wish to receive it when on site.

As part of the Pastoral Care system within the parish we also visit the Residential Homes for pastoral visits with residents and/or their families when requested. This is a part of our care for the community. We are also happy to conduct Funeral Services for Residents - having a connection through our visits to Residential Homes as a further part of our community/parish pastoral care. Friends and relatives may also appreciate a pastoral visit after the Funeral Service.

We also hold a Memorial Service at St. Mark's each year (November) where we invite families and friends, for whom we've conducted funerals to join us to Worship. An important part of the Memorial Service includes the reading out the names of loved-one that has died. Also, we offer for anyone to light a memorial candle should they wish. There's tea cake and opportunity for a chat afterwards too.

We are also able to offer other Worship in the context of the Residential setting - e.g. Remembrance Sunday and Memorial Services.

The Pastoral Team is also available at times both at the Holy Communion Service and at other times - as a pastoral visiting and follow-up care. 

Holy Communion Services

Northlands House – First Tuesday of the month at 3.00pm
Tel: 023 8071 7600 (Jennifer Headicar).

Wilton Manor – Second Friday of the month at 10.30am
Tel: 023 8023 0555 (Gill Wardell).

Hampton Lodge – Second Tuesday of the month at 2.00pm
Tel: 023 8022 6976 (Kerry Harpham).

Rowan House – Third Tuesday of the month at 2.00pm
Tel: 023 8022 5238 (Angela Hurley).

May be subject to negotiated change