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 Christ the King
 Lizzie Barlow
 26 Nov 17
 Safe Families for Children
 Mary Ayres &
 Jo Topley
 19 Nov 17
 Are you prepared for Jesus?
 Kelvin Taylor
 12 Nov 17
 The work of the Holy Spirit
 Kathy Hicken
 15 Oct 17
 What would the world be like if all the churches
 were like the ones in the book of Acts?

 Lizzie Barlow
 8 Oct 17
 Trusting our generous God
 Tracey Beckerleg
 10 Sep 17
 Invitation to the kingdom of God
 Mark Collinson
 20 Aug 17
 The good Shepard
 Kathy Hicken
 13 Aug 17
 Mission at the front line
 Erica Roberts
 30 Jul 17
 Being a mouth piece for truth and justice
 Lizzie Barlow
 23 Jul 17